Community Craft Classes

Community Craft Classes with Artisan Alley

Artisan Alley has begun teaming up with local businesses to bring craft classes into the beautiful community of Bloomington, Indiana! We have had classes with Crumble Coffee Co., Two Sticks Bakery, Campus Costume, and the Pourhouse Cafe! We’ve seen amazing turnouts for these events and can’t wait to explore the community even more!

Upcoming Craft Classes

For a full list of all of our upcoming classes and events with the ticket links, please click here.

Doodles at Noodles:
Our next Community Craft Class is a Blind Contour Drawing Class that is going to be hosted at Noodles & Company on East Third Street. It will take place on January 12, 2019 at 6pm. This class is $15 to attend and you can pay for your ticket by clicking here.


Past Craft Classes

Fall Wreath Workshop at Pourhouse Cafe:
We had the privilege of going to the Pourhouse Cafe on November 9th at 6pm. In this class, we created beautiful Fall Wreaths made from donated faux flowers. We had an amazing turnout from this class and would like to thank the Pourhouse Cafe for letting us use your space to create something beautiful!

Copper Wire Wrapping at Crumble Coffee Co.:
On October 18th, we hosted a copper wire wrapped pendant class at Crumble Coffee Co.’s downtown location. The coffee was amazing, and so was the crafting!

Special FX Makeup Class at Campus Costume:
On October 11th, Artisan Alley got in touch with our spooky side at a special FX Makeup class hosted at Campus Costume. This class was designed to teach people how to make scars, scabs, cuts, open wounds, etc. We had such a fun time getting gory with everyone that came to the class! To watch a video of our Special FX class made by a wonderful IU student, Click Here.

Promotional photo from our class with Two Sticks Bakery

Macrame Wall Hanging Class with Two Sticks Bakery:
Our very first Community Craft Class took place on September 30th at Two Sticks Bakery. This new bakery is such a cute crafting space and everyone at Artisan Alley felt so grateful to Two Sticks for letting us test out these new classes with them! We crafted macrame wall hangings using donated macrame, dowel rods, and twine. This DIY craft is one that was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone in attendance!