Artist Spotlight: Amie Crites- Health and Wellness

What do you do at Artisan Alley?

I am a member and an artist at Artisan Alley. I offer my wellness products including dietary supplements and colory therapy affirmation cards as well as stones. All of which are designed to positively impact your quality of life.

How long have you been doing it?

Following my inner guidance and my heart I started Speak 2 Your Soul in 2017. Learn more by visiting

Why do you do it?

Love and fullfillment of living from and through my heart impacting my life and those around me.

Was it love at first sight, or did you date around with other mediums?

Yes…42 projects later! I say fail forward into discovering what you love even if that means discovering what you don’t along the way.

How were you drawn to your art form(s)?

Intuition. Following my heart and discovering what felt best or better and then doing more of it!

What other artists inspire you or have motivated you to be a creator?

Music and meditation inspire me in many ways so I would say Deepak Chopra and Lindsey Stirling. Closer to home I would say Joel Washington for the beauty of his art, his heart, and his dedication.

Why did you get involved with Artisan Alley?

I believe in what it stands for. I believe in what Adam has passionately brought together over the years and developed with passion, perseverance, and great delight. I love being a part of the community and Artisan Alley is everything community stands for.

How can someone else get involved with what you do?

Through Made Consignment Shop. My Website |

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Additional Comments

Thank you for being you and taking the time to learn about me! All my love! XOXO Amie