Venue Rental

Quick Overview of Event & Venue Spaces at Artisan Alley (PDF File)

Dimensions Gallery
Dimensions Gallery

Gallery Rental

We invite you to immerse your guests into our cozy flex space. The unique, personable and intimate setting, coupled with exceptional works of art by preeminent artists, lends an exquisite backdrop to your special event.

Our Bloomington location is available to rent for a variety of events, parties, conferences, classes, and more, by using our Event and Venue Rental Application, Events vary from musical shows, business meetings, lectures, workshops and private engagements.

If you are interested in this space only for Gallery purposes, feel free to apply using our Dimensions Gallery Proposal Form, if you have a solo or group show you would like to set up.

Industrial Classes and Workshop Rentals

Clutch Fabrication

Our large industrial complex featuring three large spaces with flexible configurations, and an optional outside lot that can accommodate several people. The grounds also have large paved areas perfect for outdoor exhibits, parking and small gatherings. Additionally Burl & Ingot, tool library is equipped with tools and resources for you. These metal and wood workshops are a member-based community where you can create something fantastic by utilizing the tools and equipment that we can provide for you. Your class or workshop can access both shops to help teach new skills or fine-tune the skills you already have while you meet new creative members to help you along your journey.

Conference Room Rentals for Business and Group Meetings

Studio E

We offer professional meeting space for groups of three or more. Collaborate, create and express yourself in style. Book conference space by the day or hour. A meeting is like a delicate ecosystem—all the participants and amenities have to be in perfect balance for the call or presentation to reach its greatest potential. To make the best impression, reserve a private and professional conference room with available furniture, high-speed Wifi Internet, presentation equipment or anything else you need to produce your best work.

Interested in one of these spaces? Tours can be arranged by calling 812-370-0278 and by filling out our Event and Venue Rental Application. Rates may vary by individual(s) needs, for more general information please visit our Rental Process & Rates page.

For more information please contact us through our email form.