Gallery Rental

Dimensions Gallery

Dimensions Gallery Panorama

Dimensions Gallery Panorama

We invite you to immerse your guests into our cozy flex space that is unlike anything else in Bloomington. The unique, personable and intimate setting, coupled with exceptional works of art by preeminent artists, lends an exquisite backdrop to any special event. Our Bloomington location is available to rent for a variety of private events, ranging from solo and group shows to business meetings, lectures, workshops and private engagements. If interested please fill out our Event and Venue Rental Application, to be considered.

Gallery/Venue Rental Pricing

24-Hour Daily Rental (Larger Events, Summer Classes, Concerts, etc.)

  • $200.00/day on weekdays (Monday-Thursday).
  • $300.00/day on weekends (Friday-Sunday).
  • A Deposit (pricing varies) is required for all rentals to reserve the space.
  • Additional charges may apply

Individual Hourly Rental (Classes, Meetings, Workshops, Lectures, Etc)

  • $20/hour.
  • A $100.00 Deposit is required for all rentals to reserve the space.
  • Additional charges may apply

Community Discounts
A 50% discount or more may be applied for Non-Profit, Community Organizations and Current Members on Rental Rates, ONLY during available time slots. (Proof of Non-Profit status required).

Gallery Information

Artisan Alleys’ Dimensions Gallery (our primary gallery) is located at the center of our 222 W. 2nd Street location and is approximately 600 sq. ft. (15′ x 40′) with 10 ft. tall walls and can accomodate roughly 50-70 people.

Dimensions Gallery at Artisan Alley accepts Cash and Credit Cards (via PayPal with 3% tax) for art purchases. For any questions please contact us.

Dimensions Gallery Panorama

Dimensions Gallery Panorama



Responsibilities of Renter

First Friday Gallery Reception

First Friday Gallery Reception

  • Complete Application and Sign Contract
  • Provide Decription of Event
  • Set-up and Restoring Space should be considered in Rental time
  • Cleaning Surfaces
  • Sweeping & Mopping Floors
  • Painting Scratches & Repairing Damage

Rental Features:

  • Large indoor/outdoor reception area
  • Adjustable full spectrum lighting system
  • Newly painted grey epoxy flooring
  • Multiple restrooms (ADA approved)
  • Amongst an active artist coop and various studios
  • Refreshment Bar


  • Central To Bloomington
  • On 2nd Street and the B-Line Trail
  • Across from Seminary Square Kroger and Wendy’s
  • Surrounded by greenspaces
  • Ample parking
  • A diverse field of artwork by both established and emerging artists.

Specs and Ammenities:

Dimensions Gallery Map

Dimensions Gallery Map

  • Gallery Dimensions
    Length- 45’
    Width- 15’
    Height- 10’
  • Accessibility
    (2) Door to Flex space- 36”W- INTERIOR
    (1) Double Door to Hallway- 72”W- EXTERIOR
    Multiple restrooms (ADA approved)
  • Entertainment Technology
    ($50 Rental Fee and additional deposit)

    (1) Projector
    (1) Microphone
  • Phonocraft PA Equipment
    ($50 Rental Fee and additional deposit)
    (2) gator case
    (2) 1000w Amp Crown XLS
    (1) 1500w Amp Crown XLS
    (2) 12” Speaker JBL JRX100
    (2) 15” speakers JBL JRX100
    (1) 18” speaker JBL JRX100
    (1) compressor db
    (2) speaker stands
    (1) gig bag for stand
    (6) 30’ speaker cable with quick connectors
    (6) connecting cables 1/4” to XLR
    (1) tie in cable RCA to XLR
  • Furniture
    ($50 Rental Fee and additional deposit)

    (2) 6’ Easel’s
    (1) 12” Easel
    (8) 8’ Fold Out Tables
    (3) 6’ Fold Out Tables
    (1) 8’ Skinny Fold Out Table
    (2) 6’ Bi-Fold Out Tables
    (40) Stackable Cushioned Chairs
    (25) Fold up Chairs
  • (5) Pedestals
    (Additional Responsibility)

    11” x 11” x 41”
    14” x 14” x 41”
    18” x 18” x 30”
    35” x 9” x 40”
    18“ x 12“ x 41“
  • Signage
    (Additional Responsibility)

    (6) Sandwich boards with Chalk
    (4) Painted Door Signs for Events
    Outdoor lighting
    Night lights
  • Additional Services (copmes with Added Costs)
    Design Services
    Catering Services
    Event Promotion Services
    Bartending Services
    Security Services
    Other Labor Services
    Other Creative Services

For more information about proposing your work to be at our Dimensions Gallery as a Artists (not a venue renter), please read or download the Policies and Procedures below, as well as the Exhibition Proposal Packet, then submit your Dimensions Gallery Proposal Form, or Contact us through our email form. Once you have been selected we will schedule a meeting, go over the Exhibition Contract together.