Gallery Rental

Event and Venue Rental Space

Dimensions Gallery Panorama
Dimensions Gallery Panorama

We invite you to bring your guests into our cozy flex space that is unlike anything else in Bloomington! The unique and intimate setting, coupled with works of art by local and national artists, lends a great backdrop to any special event. Our Bloomington location is available to rent for a variety of private events, including business meetings, lectures, workshops and private engagements. If interested, please fill out our Event and Venue Rental Application. 

Venue Rental Pricing

24-Hour Daily Rental (Larger Events, Summer Classes, Concerts, etc.)

  • $200.00/day on weekdays (Monday-Thursday).
  • $300.00/day on weekends (Friday-Sunday).
  • A Deposit (pricing varies) is required for all rentals to reserve the space.
  • Additional charges may apply

Individual Hourly Rental (Classes, Meetings, Workshops, Lectures, Etc)

Dimensions Gallery Map
Dimensions Gallery Map
  • $20/hour. $10/hour for Artisan Alley members.
  • A $100.00 Deposit is required for all rentals to reserve the space.
  • Additional charges may apply

Community Discounts
A 50% discount or more may be applied for Non-Profit, Community Organizations and Current Members on Rental Rates, ONLY during available time slots. (Proof of Non-Profit status required).

Gallery Information

Artisan Alleys’ Dimensions Gallery (our primary gallery) is located at the center of our 222 W. 2nd Street location and is approximately 600 sq. ft. (15′ x 40′) with 10 ft. tall walls and can accommodate roughly 50-70 people.

Dimensions Gallery at Artisan Alley accepts Cash and Credit Cards (via PayPal with 3% tax) for art purchases. For any questions please contact us.

Responsibilities of Renter

  • Complete Application and Sign Contract
  • Provide Description of Event
  • Set-up and Restoring Space should be considered in Rental time
  • Cleaning Surfaces
  • Sweeping & Mopping Floors

For more information about proposing your work to be at our Dimensions Gallery as a Artists (not a venue renter), please read or download the Policies and Procedures below, as well as the Exhibition Proposal Packet, then submit your Dimensions Gallery Proposal Form, or Contact us through our email form. Once you have been selected we will schedule a meeting, go over the Exhibition Contract together.