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There is a problem in this country and around the world regarding internet access. Right now it is in the hands of those who can afford it and who live in towns or cities. This is called the digital divide and the poor, rural, and especially the rural poor are being left behind as the digital divide widens. This has only been exacerbated due to COVID where many children are not receiving the education they would otherwise have gotten in person, and now the next generation may be without education opportunities altogether, without proper internet.

As a fiscally sponsored project of Artisan Alley, The Wifi Mill has a solution to this problem. We can create a functional unit consisting of a modem, router, a sim card, and an antenna that can provide internet access anywhere cell service is available. This is especially useful for those living in the country, where hard-line cable internet can’t run and satellite is both very expensive and unreliable.

This projects mission is focused on helping the poor and rural poor of Bloomington,
Monroe County, and other parts of Southern Indiana, once we test initial sites. We want to raise donation funds for sponsored hardware units and ongoing service where people of means, essentially, fund the internet for those who could not otherwise provide it for themselves.

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We will establish awareness of the issue on social media, by word of mouth, on
crowdfunding platforms, and possible at small in-person events depending on the COVID
the situation at that time.

Sponsor a Family ($300 for one-time equipment fee, $300 for annual support for service)

We believe that Artisan Alley is the best partner for this endeavor as we both have
education as our mission. Individuals who gain the internet through our endeavors will be able to access a world of arts education. They will be able to research art history, take in
contemporary pieces, join discussion boards or other online communities, and increase their own skills (for example by watching youtube videos).

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This project will be ongoing. There will not be an end to this need anytime soon. To stay in the know with everything the Wifi Mill is doing, visit our Facebook Page and Subscribe buy using the link at the bottom of our main page.