People’s Market

We are a cooperative farmers market in Bloomington IN that strives to build equity, create relationships, cultivate liberation, and ensure access to local food, art, and education. 

Our mission

Create spaces that remain:

  • welcoming, inclusive, and accessible;
  • led and directed with people from marginalized communities, farmers, and vendors;
  • supportive of local farmers and small business vendors;
  •  an educational and cultural  hub; and
  • a source of awareness of the work we need to continue to do.

Our origin story began in summer 2019, and you can check out this local coverage at our inaugural season. But beginning in April 2020 and going until October, we will be hosting a Community Market for the people of Bloomington, highlighting nutritious and delicious foods grown by farmers in the Greater Bloomington Area at Bloomingfoods East. These markets will take place every Saturday of the month from 8 am-1 pm.  There will be music, local food, games, as well as talented farmers and artisans!

Peoples Market - Artisan Alley

If you are an existing Artisan Alley Member, you do not need to pay for a vendor space. For more information about donations or ways to volunteer please contact us through our email form.

To learn more about our collective, our farmer’s markets, our CSA program or how to become a vendor, visit us at our main site www.PeoplesMarketBtown.org.

If you would like to financially support our mission and our programs, click below.