February 2018

Artisan Alley Newsletter

In this month’s issue, we’ll be discussing our Annual Member Meeting, our 501(c)3 Nonprofit status, our newly remodelled Flexible Venue, the future of the Burl & Ingot Tool Library location, and much more.

The New Flexible Venue

We are proud to announce that we have remodeled and relocated our Dimensions Gallery into a 600 sq. foot space at our 2nd Street location. This space will have new features including a PA system, professional gallery lighting, a hanging system for displaying art, event lighting, a projector, a karaoke system and so much more. We look forward to the community and members using this space for classes, meetings, private events, and Artisan Alley’s own weekly events.

Upcoming Plans for Burl & Ingot

Burl & Ingot was officially moved from our South Rogers location sucessfully into our temporary location at 300 W Hillside. We are looking at relocating the Tool Library to a space on South Walnut Street, just across from the Starbucks and the McDonald, just behind the Big Red Liquor Store at the old Stone Mill. Once we move in to our location on 1840 S. Walnut Street, we will be there for 5 years and we will be offering commercial and industrial resident memberships. If you are looking for a new southern studio or know someone who is, please email us at studios@artisanalley.com.

Recurring Sunday Community Market on B-Line to start on March 18th. Sign up now!

For anyone interested in learning more about the event, or being included in this event, follow this link to fill out an application:

Calling all Artisan Alley Members!!!

On March 11, 2018 at 5 pm, our board will have their annual membership meeting. In this meeting, we will be discussing many issues including the switchover of our board of directors, all of Artisan Alley’s new membership perks, the addition of a mechanics garage at the Burl & Ingot Tool Library, bylaw changes, and an in depth discussion of these Newsletter topics. If you come to the meeting, you will get the chance to speak your mind about our programs, events or bring to light any concerns or ideas you may have. We strongly urge our members to attend the meeting in order to have a say in our decision making as your vote counts!

Meet Abbey

Abbey Frederick, modeling her wedding dress from this past fall,  is the new administrative assistant to our executive director, Adam Nahas. She will be assisting with everything including emails, scheduling, social media, and much more. She has been a member of Artisan Alley since February of 2017 as a ceramicist and has a studio at our hillside location. She is very excited about this opportunity to work with our Non-Profit and she looks forward to helping our members stay in-the-know to all the events that Artisan Alley has to offer.

Attention Artists!

Are you or someone you know interested in having art for display in our Dimensions Gallery for our monthly events?  If so, follow this link to fill out the application:
*If you would like to be considered for the March gallery show, the deadline for the form is February 24, 2018

Are you currently selling at Made?

If you’re currently selling your artwork at Made, we want to put your art on our website! We prefer high resolution images so that we can scale them down to the size we want. Send pictures of your work to media@artisanalley.com or bring in digital files of your work. We would like to have these images by Feb. 26, 2018.


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