Artisan Alley Newsletter-May


Artisan Alley


In this month’s issue, we’ll be discussing our monthly classes, sales tax additions, our new location, and more!

Sales Tax Addition
Starting at the end of last month, we have been charging customers in the retail store a 7% sales tax. This tax will only affect the customers and will not affect consigners in any way. If you are volunteering at the store, be sure to add the tax when you sell a product.

New Location
We are so excited to announce that we have officially moved from our spot at 300 W Hillside and into our 804 W Kirkwood space! This space will host a range of artists and mediums including ceramics, glass, woodworking, and so much more! We plan to put another retail store in this space as well. If you’re interested in a studio space at our Kirkwood location, you can fill out this application.

Monthly Events
We have a great line-up of events for May!
Our First Friday Gallery show features local Bloomington photographer Grace Shafstall as she explores representations of feminine beauty through her boudoir photography.

Our Second Saturday Musical Event this month centers around Folk Music! Headlined by Travis Puntarelli with additional performances by Maksut Kesici and Dark Side Tribal, it’s sure to be a night full of culture and great music! Tickets are $5 for non-members, while members receive tickets for $3. If Artisan Alley members bring a plus one, that person will receive the member price.

Our Third Thursday Social Event this month is Cider and Plant! Come have a seat in our Cidery and decorate a unique planter! Also, participate in our plant exchange!

Our Fourth Sunday Creative Kids class this month will follow along with the theme of the Third Thursday class: Cookies and Plant! Kids will be able to snack on delicious cookies while building their own plant holder!

Weekly Community Markets
We are so impressed and delighted at the amount of success of our Sunday Community Markets! We have had a wide variety of very talented artists come out to showcase and sell their works. These markets will continue every Sunday until the end of October, so if you’re interested in having your art at our market, please fill out our application.

Meet Kelvin!

Kelvin Burzon-Gallery Coordinator

Kelvin has joined our team as our Gallery Coordinator! He has been a member since 2017, and has a studio space in our 2nd St. location. As a photographer, his eye for detail makes him an excellent asset to our team! Kelvin is in charge of coordinating and picking artists for our Dimensions Gallery. He is passionate about honoring the artists’ work as best he can and making sure our Gallery looks as beautiful as possible.

Attention Artisan Alley Consigners!
Are you selling artwork on your own personal website? If so, we’d like to ask that you link our website information on your page! We’d like a way for people to get to the Artisan Alley website from your personal page, if you’re comfortable with that.

Put Your Artwork at Made!
Selling art can be difficult. Whether you can’t find a place in a central location with good foot traffic or the comission rates are more than you want to pay, it’s hard to find a good place to put your creations. Fortunately, there’s Made! Made is a consignment shop on 2nd Street that offers 100% commision to their artists. We have been averaging a growth of $400 in sales every month for the last 4 months (does not include cat sculpture sale). If you’re interested in putting your work up at our shop, stop by today and pick up more information about membership!

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