Summer Camp: Marionettes and Filmmaking

This is our second Summer Camp session for kids aged 13-16 years. These classes will take place June 24 – July 5th Monday through Friday from 1 pm – 4 pm. This class will take place in our Made classroom space located at 222 W 2nd St.

Marionettes and Filmmaking combines storytelling with sculpture. We will be crafting one-of-a-kind marionettes and using them in a collaborative short film. As a class, we will brainstorm the possibilities for our film and each student will create a unique character out of Sculpey to star in the production. This workshop covers the basics of costuming, set design, scriptwriting, character building and marionette construction. All materials and tools will be provided.

My name is Jessie Grubb! I’m was born in Bloomington and have been making art since a young age. While my primary mode of creation is filmmaking, I consider myself a multimedia artist because I’m constantly searching for new ways for mediums to interact. My art has a heavy emphasis on experimentation and my class, Marionettes and Filmmaking, will reflect that. It’s perfect for anyone looking to try something new!

To apply for your child(ren) for this class, please click here, then to register and reserve a seat click here.