Summer Camps: Lifecasting and Body Duplication

This is our third and final Summer Camp session for children aged 9-16 years! These classes will take place at our Burl & Ingot Workshops, located at 1305.5 W 11th St. The classes take place from July 15 – July 26th Monday through Friday from 1 pm – 4 pm.

This class will go over the process of 3-dimensional copying, more commonly known as moldmaking. There are many ways to make a mold, but we will focus on life casting, or duplicating parts of the hands, face or body. Students will get the option to make a plaster duplicate, and we will be using skin safe algeanate.

Adam Nahas, Sole Proprietor of Cyclops Studios, and Founder/Executive Director of Artisan Alley, has been involved in the arts since childhood. An avid sketch artist and comic illustrator throughout his high-school years, he was voted “Most Artistic” in a large graduating class. Nahas continued his interest in art through college starting with music, then performance art, and finally settling with sculpture. In 2007 he graduated from Indiana University where he majored in Studio Art with concentrations in Metals and Sculpture, and he minored in Art History and Mathematics. He went on to work with foundryman and artist Mark Parmenter, who exposed Nahas to multiple international artists and art projects of all kinds, globally, for 8 years. In 2009 Nahas set up his own studio in Bloomington, Indiana, called Cyclops Studios. Nahas’ creations represent a vast and unique repertoire of his personal interests. Not limiting himself, he pursues a variety of subject matter, mediums, and art forms. His knowledge of anatomy and his attention to detail have allowed him to create a range of structures.

To apply for your child(ren) for this class, please click here, then to register and reserve a seat click here.