Donations and contributions help keep Artisan Alley a diverse and sustainable artists community and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please click the button below to make a tax-deductible donation to Artisan Alley!

Make a Difference

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Artisan Alley brings together area artists and the local community to foster art education, art collaboration, and cooperation in support of the arts. See our non-profit profile on GuideStar’s website at

Thank you for your generous contribution.

Your gift will help in maintaining our facilities, consumables and/or go towards our ever-changing curricular and recreational programs. Or If you would like to contribute educational materials, office supplies, equipment, tools or anything else useful, please call 1-812-370-0278. We will set up a drop off time with a member of our staff.

Steps to donate via Amazon Smile

If you are on Amazon and would prefer to passively donate 0.5% of your sales via Amazon Smile, just follow these few steps.

  • Log into just like your normal amazon page.
  • Click on “Supporting:…” just under the main search bar on the top of the page.
  • Sign up or Change your organization.
  • Search for “Artisan Alley LTD”
  • Click Select
  • Shop online at for all future transactions!

Steps to donate via Bloomington Volunteer Network

  • Click on the “Bloomington Volunteer Network” link above
  • Find our name in the List of Organizations
  • Find our Wishlist, and read through.
  • Contribute anything you already have that is listed

Cant afford a financial contribution and don’t have any resources to donate, but still wanna help? If you would like to contribute your time and get involved with our creative community, feel free to become a volunteer.