Dimensions Gallery

We believe art belongs with the people who love it.

Dimensions Gallery is dedicated to showing work from the Greater Bloomington community. We are constantly improving the gallery to change the way we display work to make it easier, safer and cleaner to rotate through the various shows that are planned for this year! This means more shows for our fans and safer and more diverse hanging systems for the artists.

Gallery Information

Artisan Alleys’ Dimensions Gallery (our primary gallery) is located at the center of our 222 W. 2nd Street location and is approximately 600 sq. ft. (15′ x 40′) with 10 ft. tall walls and can accomodate roughly 50-70 people.

Dimensions’ auxillary Gallery at Upland Brewing Co., located at 350 W 11th St, is a special benefit for our members, and is comprised of much of the wall space at their restaurant brewpub.

We invite you to immerse your guests into our cozy space that is unlike anything else in Bloomington. The unique, personable and intimate setting, coupled with exceptional works of art by preeminent artists, lends an exquisite backdrop to any special event. Our Bloomington location is available to rent for a variety of private events using our Event and Venue Rental Application, ranging from musical shows, business meetings, lectures, workshops and private engagements or feel free to apply using our Dimensions Gallery Proposal Form, if you have a solo or group show you would like to set up.

Dimensions Gallery at Artisan Alley accepts Cash and Credit Cards (via PayPal with 3% tax) for art purchases.

Dimensions Gallery Panorama

Dimensions Gallery Panorama


First Friday Gallery Reception

First Friday Gallery Reception

  • Updated Walker track hanging system
    (35) 4’ Rod
    (8) 2’ Rod Extentions
    (35) Top Rod Hooks
    (4) Rod Horizontal Connectors
    (7) Rod Connectors
    (20) Bottom Misc Small Hooks
    (20) Bottom Stretcher Hooks
    (12) Bottom Wire Hooks
  • Large indoor/outdoor reception area
  • Adjustable full spectrum lighting system
  • Newly painted grey epoxy flooring
  • Multiple restrooms (ADA approved)
  • Amongst an active artist coop and various studios
  • Refreshment Bar


  • Central To Bloomington
  • On 2nd Street and the B-Line Trail
  • Across from Seminary Square Kroger and Wendy’s
  • Surrounded by greenspaces
  • Ample parking
  • A diverse field of artwork by both established and emerging artists.

Specs and Ammenities:

Dimensions Gallery Map

Dimensions Gallery Map

  • Gallery Dimensions
    Length- 45’
    Width- 15’
    Height- 10’
  • Accessibility
    (2) Door to Flex space- 36”W- INTERIOR
    (1) Double Door to Hallway- 72”W- EXTERIOR
    Multiple restrooms (ADA approved)
  • Entertainment Technology
    (1) Projector
    (1) Microphone
    (1) PA System
  • Phonocraft PA Equipment ($35 Rental Fee)
    (2) gator case
    (2) 1000w Amp Crown XLS
    (1) 1500w Amp Crown XLS
    (2) 12” Speaker JBL JRX100
    (2) 15” speakers JBL JRX100
    (1) 18” speaker JBL JRX100
    (1) compressor db
    (2) speaker stands
    (1) gig bag for stand
    (6) 30’ speaker cable with quick connectors
    (6) connecting cables 1/4” to XLR
    (1) tie in cable RCA to XLR
  • Furniture
    (2) 6’ Easel’s
    (1) 12” Easel
    (8) 8’ Fold Out Tables
    (3) 6’ Fold Out Tables
    (1) 8’ Skinny Fold Out Table
    (2) 6’ Bi-Fold Out Tables
    (40) Stackable Cushioned Chairs
    (25) Fold up Chairs
  • (5) Pedestals
    11” x 11” x 41”
    14” x 14” x 41”
    18” x 18” x 30”
    35” x 9” x 40”
    18“ x 12“ x 41“
  • Signage
    (6) Sandwich boards with chalk Paint
    (4) Painted Door Signs for Events
    Outdoor lighting
    Night lights

For more information about proposing your work to be at our Dimensions Gallery, please read or download the Policies and Procedures below, as well as the Exhibition Proposal Packet, then submit your Dimensions Gallery Proposal Form, or Contact us through our email form. Once you have been selected we will schedule a meeting, go over the Exhibition Contract together.


Artisan Alley brings together area artists and the local community to foster art education, art collaboration,and cooperation in support of the arts. We believe art belongs with the people who love it, and we want to help it be seen. Dimensions Gallery is a unique flexible gallery space that encompasses the common spaces, spanning various rooms, around the studios inside Artisan Alley off the B-line at 2nd Street. Please see the gallery map for more information about wall space and dimensions.

Dimensions Gallery accepts exhibition proposals on a continuous cycle. If accepted, you’ll have your work expertly displayed and promoted for one full month in a calendar year with dates including your installation and deinstallation. Dimensions Gallery handles a variety of digital promotion and daily open hours for public viewing. With an exhibition, Dimensions Gallery will request a 30% commission fee for any art sold. If you are interested in a Solo Exhibition, please email our gallery using the Contact form for more info.

To propose your show you’ll just need to fill out the application form and send us 8 to 10 images of your work to be juried. Proposals will be reviewed, accepted, and scheduled on an ongoing  basis.

Dimensions Gallery will also accept group exhibition proposals. Two or more artists can team up and submit a cohesive proposal. Another way to show your work at Dimensions Gallery is to submit your work to one of our themed group shows. These will happen at least twice a year, with more specific submission callouts in advance.

Subscribe to our mailing list for more information.

Bi-annual Artisan Alley members only exhibitions will be announced in advanced and is open to members and affiliates.

If you or your group are accepted for a show at Dimensions Gallery we will request a full list of artworks, including image, title, date, medium(s), size and pricing, be provided. We will use this information to label your art during the show. These labels will be placed with your work, under your supervision, when you drop off your art.

Dimensions Gallery will store work for up to one week after designated pickup dates to allow for any unforeseen circumstances. If a pickup cannot be arranged in the following week, Dimensions Gallery and Artisan Alley are not responsible for the work and will consider it abandoned. Artwork not claimed 30 days after the exhibition closes will become the property of Artisan Alley.

In order to pay an artist for work sold at Dimensions Gallery and Artisan Alley, we will need contact info for a PayPal account, which is easy and free to set up if the artist doesn’t already have one. Works submitted and displayed in Dimensions Gallery during the duration of exhibitions will not be insured.

Once artists have submitted a completed exhibition proposal, he/she/they will be contacted by Dimensions Gallery to schedule a meeting, go over the Exhibition Contract, and schedule the exhibition. A media packet will be requested which includes artist’ headshot, photographic representation of each piece in exhibition, an image list, price list, as well as any other materials for promotion.
The artist is expected to be present at drop-off/installation and deinstallation as well as the opening reception.

Dimensions Gallery will facilitate and accommodate artist’s needs at any of this time.
Please review our exhibition proposal packet for further information on working with us!
Don’t hesitate to email our gallery by using our Contact form.

Dimensions Gallery Full Panorama

Dimensions Gallery Full Panorama


Throughout the year, Dimensions Gallery offers artists a variety of exhibition opportunities in juried, group, and solo exhibitions. Dimensions Gallery is now seeking solo or group exhibition proposals to be installed for the 2018 calendar. As Dimensions Gallery of Artisan Alley is a creative arts community that invests in opportunities for diverse visual artists, we encourage entries of all traditional and non-traditional artistic mediums.

The curators of Dimensions Gallery, headed by resident artist and curator Kelvin Burzon, will review exhibition proposals. The team will consider the proposals alongside Artisan Alley’s Executive Director, Adam Nahas. We will do our best to accommodate all selected proposals visions for the space.

Dimensions Gallery has a large, professional gallery space. It opens up to an expanse of space with black ceilings, a professional Walker hanging system and appropriately track-lit walls. Please review the rest of our exhibition packet, which includes photos of the space, a gallery map with the spaces labeled as listed below, and our listing of pedestals and other available equipment.

The gallery continuously accepts submissions for exhibitions and will notify the artist for scheduling.

Please complete the exhibition proposal checklist as listed below. Email all necessary information to gallery@artisanalley.com. CD’s will not be accepted. Artists must submit images in digital format (.jpeg) with a resolution of 72 dpi and no smaller than 1920 pixels on the longest side. By entering this exhibition each artist grants consent for the use of submitted images for publicity, and educational purposes.

Artists must label files with last name and image number “.jpeg: Smith1.jpeg”. Please email the files as attachments to gallery@artisanalley.com Dimensions reserves the right to reject work that differs significantly from submitted images.

All artwork must be ready for installation upon delivery and professionally presented. No saw-tooth hangers will be accepted. Wall-hanging works must be ready to hang with wire . All traditionally framed artwork must be framed with plexiglass, except for hand-delivered work under 22” x 30”. If the work requires special installation, please contact Kelvin Burzon at gallery@artisanalley.com.

Three-dimensional work must be equipped with hanging, installation hardware as well as other display needs. The gallery can provide a number of pedestals and other equipment. View available gallery furnitures listed at the end of the proposal packet.

Identification labels with artist name and title should be attached to the back of the work.

All artwork sales are subject to a 30% sales fee, except for works marked not for sale (NFS).

Artwork will NOT be insured while on exhibition at Dimensions Gallery. The Gallery is not liable for damage or loss in transit to and from the gallery. Any damage caused by improper preparations by the artist will not be covered by Artisan Alley.

Please hand-deliver during Artisan Alley hours. If you are shipping your work, you must include a pre-paid return shipping label. Please, no crates or Styrofoam peanuts. Artists must cover the cost to transport the artwork to and from the gallery. Please note that Dimensions Gallery appreciates professional-level presentation of works, and reserves the right to deny pieces that are deficient in this respect.

Turkish Performer Maksut Kesici at Dimensions Gallery

Turkish Performer Maksut Kesici at Dimensions Gallery

Ship your work in reusable packaging to:

Artisan Alley (Lower Level)
222 W 2nd Street,
Bloomington, IN 47403

Gallery Hours
Mon-Sat 12:00pm–8:00pm
Sun 12:00pm–5:00pm

All artists, at least 18 years of age are eligible. Selected proposals will be provided an exhibition for a month during the calendar year. Dimensions Gallery will provide an Exhibition Contract for the selected exhibition proposals. Dimensions Gallery strives to showcase artwork that is of highest quality and therefore reserves the right to reject submissions that are not professionally presented, ready for installation, or do not meet the exhibition guidelines. Artwork not claimed 30 days after the exhibition closes will become the property of Artisan Alley. Submitting a proposal constitutes an agreement on the part of the artist to all conditions stated above.

Your proposal should include the following information. Proposals that do not include all of the following may not be considered.

•Digitally fill out the attached proposal form.
•Purchase $5 exhibition proposal fee on Artisan Alley website.
• Submit 8-10 images of the work you plan to exhibit or images of past bodies of work, if you intend to create new work for this exhibition. (72 dpi and no smaller than 1920 pixels on the longest side. Label files with last name and image number.jpeg: Smith1.jpeg)
• Submit an image list for submitted images corresponding with image file names, including name of artist, title of work, medium, size, and price, if for sale. (PDF or MS Word format)

• Digitally fill out the attached proposal form.
• Purchase $5 exhibition proposal fee on Artisan Alley website.
• Submit 3-5 images of work from each artist that will be involved in the exhibition.
• Submit an image list for submitted images, including name of artist, title of work,
medium, size, and price, if for sale.
• Artist statement from each artist

Please email all information to Kelvin Burzon, to our gallery using our Contact Form.