Dimensions Gallery

We believe art belongs with the people who love it.

Dimensions Gallery is dedicated to showing work from the Greater Bloomington community. We are constantly improving the gallery to change the way we display work to make it easier, safer and cleaner to rotate through the various shows that are planned for this year! This means more shows for our fans and safer and more diverse hanging systems for the artists.


Artisan Alley’s Dimensions Gallery (our primary gallery) is located at 222 W. 2nd Street is approximately 600 sq. ft. (15′ x 40′) in the main interior room and all the walls are 12 ft. tall.

Artisan Alley’s auxillary Gallery at Upland Brewing Co. is located at 350 W 11th St, and is a special benefit for Members, and is comprised of much of the wall space at their restaurant and Brewpub and rotates quarterly.

Primary Gallery Information

The Director of Arts Activities will be on hand during installation to help arrange your work in the gallery and hang and light it to its best advantage.

We invite you to immerse your guests into our cozy space that is unlike anything else in Bloomington. The unique, personable and intimate setting, coupled with exceptional works of art by preeminent artists, lends an exquisite backdrop to your special event. Our Bloomington location is available to rent for a variety of private events, ranging from solo and group shows to business meetings, lectures, workshops and private engagements.

Updated track hanging system
Large outdoor reception area
Adjustable full spectrum lighting system
Newly updated floor
Multiple restrooms
Amongst active artist studios

On 2nd Street and the B-Line Trail, across from Seminary Square Kroger and Wendy’s
Surrounded by ample parking and greenspaces
Featuring a diverse field of artwork by both established and emerging artists.

For more information please contact us through our email form.


2 Ways to show at Dimensions Gallery

Featured Showing

At Dimensions you can propose your show, and if accepted, you’ll have your work displayed and promoted for one full month, with a reception with food and drink, on a ‘First Friday’ gallery walk date. There will also be weekly open hours for viewing for the public.

  • Sponsored Gallery Show- The greater between $75 and a 30% commission, plus a $50.00 deposit, from each artist.
  • Private Gallery Show- $300/mo, with a $150 deposit, and no commission taken

We will have friendly and knowledgeable people there during the open hours to help facilitate this process and help to promote your artist statement and sell your work.

To propose your show you’ll just need to fill out the

Then send us 7 to 10 images of your work to be juried, along with an image list including title, size, date and medium. We will get back to you once we have had a chance to review your application.

If you would like to have an organized opening or closing reception with refreshments served there is an additional charge depending on your expected attendance. Please contact us to determine pricing.

Themed Group Shows

The other way to show your work at Dimensions Gallery is to submit your work to one of our themed group shows, as a member. These will happen at least twice a year, with more specific submission call-out information in advance. This option is included with your member benefits. for more information about membership click below:

MADE Shop/Co-Work Membership
Burl & Ingot Tool Library Membership


Other Policies:

If accepted for any show at Dimensions Gallery we will request a full list of artworks, including title, date, medium(s), size and price.

Dimensions Gallery will store work for up to one(1) month after designated pickup dates to allow for any unforseen circumstances. If pickup cannot be arranged in that month Dimensions Gallery and Artisan Alley are no longer responsible for the work and will consider it abandoned.

In order to pay an artist for work sold Dimensions Gallery and Artisan Alley will need contact info for a PayPal account, which is easy and free to set up if the artist doesn’t already have one. Dimensions Gallery at Artisan Alley accepts all card types, cash and PayPal.

Some Special Discounts:

If you are a senior, a student with a valid ID or a non-profit organization you will receive 10% off. If you are a member of Artisan Alley’s  Burl & Ingot you will receive 20% off. If you are a Artisan Alley member you will receive 50% off.

If an artist does not like these terms, or would prefer to handle all promotion and advertising personally, or operate under different open hours of the gallery, please contact us to get more information about space rental.