Upland Brewery and Dimensions Gallery partner up!

Recently Gabe Coleman, co-owner of the Venue, helped put our gallery in touch with Upland as they were in need of new art at their 11th street restaurant location. Upland has a rich history of supporting Artisan Alley and other local businesses, so we were delighted to partner with such an influential Bloomington organization.

Dimensions Gallery has been offered the opportunity to rotate this new auxiliary gallery every quarter so that the atmosphere is always changing. We are offering this display opportunity to our members exclusively and are currently taking applications for this and future shows. Please check out our Gallery Rental page to complete your gallery proposal if you have an interest.

If interested in becoming a member, in order to display your work in our MADE retail store, or our varying Dimensions Gallery locations, please fill out the Member Application below or reach out for more information on our contact page.

In order for your works to be considered for a gallery show, you will need to pay the processing fee of $15, located at the top of the website.