Burl & Ingot Tool Library

We are now offering access to Burl & Ingot, our wood and metal shop that houses our community Tool Library.

We host regular classes and free weekly community nights for anyone curious about learning more. In addition to our member-based Tool Sharing Library, where community members can borrow our basic tools or loan us any of your unwanted tools, Burl & Ingot also has available artist studios, a communal multi-purpose member space for building and learning. Burl & Ingot Workshops are now located at 1305.5 W 11th St. Bloomington, IN.

With the purchase of either day passes or a membership, you can access our shop and learn new skills or fine tune the skills you already have. If you want your own space with 24 hour access consider becoming a resident studio artist.

Metal MondayWe’re more than just hammers and drills. But if you need those, we’ve got about 30 different kinds of them, along with thousands of other tools you can check out for free. There are plenty of knowledgeable, friendly artists and master craftsmen that can offer professional advice on how to get the job done right.

Do you have tools you no longer use? Would you rather see your unwanted tools get used? Then Donate them! But what if you think you might want to use them in the future again? Then loan them temporarily to the Tool Sharing Library and let us maintain your tools for you!

Borrowing Tools

Our tools are in demand, so it’s important to bring them back on time, and only when the Tool Lending Library is open. Fines for overdue tools range from $1 to $20 per day. There are additional fines for returning tools dirty or damaged.

  • Lending period is seven (7) days for most tools; three (3) days for a few of our more popular items.
  • Fines: $1.00-$20.00 for each day a tool is late, depending on the value of the tool.
  • Renewals can be made by phoning library staff.  Up to two (2) renewals are possible if the tool is not needed back in stock. Due to high demand, some tools are not renewable.
  • Holds are made through Tool Lending Library staff
  • Tools must be returned to the Tool Lending Library during open hours.
  • Registration at the Tool Lending Library is necessary even if already an Artisan Alley member. No registrations after fifteen (15) minutes before closing time.

Make sure to fill out and review all necessary Paperwork:

New tool patrons are limited to check-out up to two tools, valued under $200 each. This probationary period will end upon returning two tools on time, clean and in good condition. After probation, tool patrons will be allowed 8 tools (no more than 3 power tools) for each checkout.

Tool Level Certifications

Getting your certification to work with varying tools in the shop is easy! Someone who is already proficient with the tools will certify you for $0.50 per minute. That means, you’ll gather up the tools you know and find someone to go through the tool checklists with you. The cost will vary depending on how many tools you’ve gathered and how long it takes to prove your proficiency, but your payment will go to the Tool Certification Specialist for their time.

To be certified for your tool access, you must:

  1. Identify the name of the tool, what the purpose is as well as describe how to use it  
  2. Demonstrate how to prepare and use the tool completely, for each of its functions
  3. Demonstrate basic maintenance and where to place it and its components after each use.

Novice Level Tools

Minimal Danger
Intermediate Level Tool

Potential Danger
Advanced Level Tool

Need Permission

Specialty Tool Pass

Proficient on a lot of tools? Make yourself available as a Tool Certification Specialist to earn a little cash helping other members get access to tools they are familiar with and to move up to their next level.

Specialty Tool PassesStudio C

Some tools require a Specialty Tool Pass (indicated with a white mark). These tools generally have parts that wears down or materials that get used up during use.

The fee is a way to offset the cost of these consumables so the user can utilize the tool without having to deal with components of the tool. Feel free to inquire about tool pass rates for white marked tools with a Shop Monitor.


Discounts are provided to individuals who are already involved with our organization, the community and to other individuals who are interested in learning. If you are interested in getting involved but are having financial issues, feel free to apply for a sponsored apprentice membership or apply to volunteer.

Discounts RESIDENT
MINORS (14-17)
(with valid ID)
TEMPORARY PASSES 50% $10 Off First Pass $10 Off First Pass
CLASSES 20% 10% 10%

For more information please contact us through our email form.