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In this month’s issue, we’ll be discussing our monthly classes, sales tax additions, our new location, and more!

Sales Tax Addition
Starting at the end of last month, we have been charging customers in the retail store a 7% sales tax. This tax will only affect the customers and will not affect consigners in any way. If you are volunteering at the store, be sure to add the tax when you sell a product.

New Location
We are so excited to announce that we have officially moved from our spot at 300 W Hillside and into our 804 W Kirkwood space! This space will host a range of artists and mediums including ceramics, glass, woodworking, and so much more! We plan to put another retail store in this space as well. If you’re interested in a studio space at our Kirkwood location, you can fill out this application.

Monthly Events
We have a great line-up of events for May!
Our First Friday Gallery show features local Bloomington photographer Grace Shafstall as she explores representations of feminine beauty through her boudoir photography.

Our Second Saturday Musical Event this month centers around Folk Music! Headlined by Travis Puntarelli with additional performances by Maksut Kesici and Dark Side Tribal, it’s sure to be a night full of culture and great music! Tickets are $5 for non-members, while members receive tickets for $3. If Artisan Alley members bring a plus one, that person will receive the member price.

Our Third Thursday Social Event this month is Cider and Plant! Come have a seat in our Cidery and decorate a unique planter! Also, participate in our plant exchange!

Our Fourth Sunday Creative Kids class this month will follow along with the theme of the Third Thursday class: Cookies and Plant! Kids will be able to snack on delicious cookies while building their own plant holder!

Weekly Community Markets
We are so impressed and delighted at the amount of success of our Sunday Community Markets! We have had a wide variety of very talented artists come out to showcase and sell their works. These markets will continue every Sunday until the end of October, so if you’re interested in having your art at our market, please fill out our application.

Meet Kelvin!

Kelvin Burzon-Gallery Coordinator

Kelvin has joined our team as our Gallery Coordinator! He has been a member since 2017, and has a studio space in our 2nd St. location. As a photographer, his eye for detail makes him an excellent asset to our team! Kelvin is in charge of coordinating and picking artists for our Dimensions Gallery. He is passionate about honoring the artists’ work as best he can and making sure our Gallery looks as beautiful as possible.

Attention Artisan Alley Consigners!
Are you selling artwork on your own personal website? If so, we’d like to ask that you link our website information on your page! We’d like a way for people to get to the Artisan Alley website from your personal page, if you’re comfortable with that.

Put Your Artwork at Made!
Selling art can be difficult. Whether you can’t find a place in a central location with good foot traffic or the comission rates are more than you want to pay, it’s hard to find a good place to put your creations. Fortunately, there’s Made! Made is a consignment shop on 2nd Street that offers 100% commision to their artists. We have been averaging a growth of $400 in sales every month for the last 4 months (does not include cat sculpture sale). If you’re interested in putting your work up at our shop, stop by today and pick up more information about membership!

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April 2018

Artisan Alley Newsletter April 2018

In this month’s issue, we’ll be discussing our Artist Spotlight, Community Market, and more!

Flex Space Rental For Classes

Do you have an interest in teaching a class/workshop while also making a large profit? Look into renting our Flex Space!
On March 25th, Artisan Alley member Karen Owens held an hour long acrylic pouring workshop for $15 per person and profited over $250! At $10/hour, our Flex Space is an extremely affordable option for you to earn extra money doing what you love.

Weekly Sunday Community Market

We are so excited to announce that starting April 8th, our Community Market will be up and running every Sunday through October from 11am-4pm! The market will be held at our Made Store location in the parking lot right off the B-Line. This market is a great opportunity to showcase your art, food, dance, music, etc. If you don’t have anything to showcase, you can still come and enjoy the great atmosphere. If you’re interested in being a vendor at our Community Market please fill out our application.

First Friday

As you may or may not know, Artisan Alley has begun hosting events in our newly renovated Dimensions Gallery every First Friday, Second Saturday, Third Thursday, and Fourth Sunday of the month. This month we have some great events coming up!

Our First Friday Gallery Opening is kicking off with husband and wife artists Amy and Adam Dunn. Amy does watercolor paintings and Adam does simple line ink work. They have some amazing work and we hope you stop by! The event is Friday, April 6th at 5pm.

Other Monthly Events

Our Second Saturday Musical Event is a Hip Hop Night! This event takes place on Saturday, April 14th at 6 pm. Some of our featured artists include Stak Daniels and Quincy Royal. You can get more information as well as FAQ’s on our Facebook event page.

Our Third Thursday Social Night Event is Cider and Canvas! This event takes place Thursday, April 19th at 5 pm. We asked our followers on Facebook what events they would be interested in and this was by far the winner. For ticketing information please visit our Facebook event.

And last but not least, our Fourth Sunday Creative Kids Class! This event will take place on Sunday, April 29th at 11am, 1pm, and 3pm. We will be doing a Cookies and Canvas! We have decided to make a series with Third Thursday and Fourth Sunday. An adult version and kid version of our Social Night Events. Stay tuned for more information!

Meet Jade

Jade Council has joined our team as our Events Coordinator. She will be creating new and exciting events for us at Artisan Alley! This includes all of our monthly events and weekly Community Markets. Her bubbly personality and passion for people has allowed her to excel in the creation of events, networking, and bringing more people into our evergrowing community of artists.


Artist Spotlight

Artisan Alley will be continuing their Artist Spotlight articles every month on their website. This month’s Artist Spotlight is Dorothy Lenard, owner of For The Kids Creations. She makes beautiful jewelry that is sold in our Made retail store. For more information, visit our Artist Spotlight page on our website.
If you’re an Artisan Alley member interested in being featured on our Artist Spotlight page, please fill out this application.

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Artist Spotlight: Dorothy Lenard- Jewelry Maker

What do you do at Artisan Alley?

I make and sell jewelry for adults. This enables me to make other, more kid-oriented jewelry, which I donate to orphanages in the Ukraine.

How long have you been doing it?

I began making beaded jewelry in 2009 as a creative outlet. Shortly thereafter, I was inspired to create some jewelry for a friend to take with her on a trip to visit orphanages in the Ukraine. After honing my skills making jewelry for myself, friends and family, and the kids, I began selling my jewelry in 2016.

Why do you do it?

I enjoy the creative process, from finding beads I love, to designing a piece, to seeing the finished product spring to life. I also get great satisfaction in knowing I am providing a little something extra for kids who don’t have much beauty in their lives.

How were you drawn to your art form(s)?

I was inspired to start making jewelry after a visit to a friend who is also a beader. After that, I was awestruck at the wide variety of beads available. I took one class, and I was hooked!

Why did you get involved with Artisan Alley?

Because I tend to use natural materials that don’t show their true beauty in photographs, I was looking for a sales outlet in which customers could get their hands on my jewelry. I am so happy that I found Artisan Alley. I love interacting with customers and other artisans, and appreciate being part of the effort to grow the Bloomington art community.

How can someone else get involved with what you do?

Come in to MADE and look at my jewelry. If you find something you like, you will have the extra satisfaction of knowing you helped me make something for the kids!

Contact information


Image Gallery



March 2018

Artisan Alley Newsletter

In this month’s issue, we’ll be discussing our weekly Sunday get togethers, new partnerships, upcoming classes, and more!

Upcoming Classes

We have some very exciting classes coming up in the near future here at Artisan Alley. On Sunday March 4th, McImagery is hosting an Intro to Wax Painting class where you can learn how to melt wax in order to make vivid paintings. On Sunday March 25th at 5 pm, Karen’s Knock-Out Designs is hosting an acrylic pouring workshop at our 2nd St. location. In addition to these singular workshops, we are continuing our monthly Dimensions Gallery events such as First Friday gallery opening, Second Saturday, Third Thursday social event, and Fourth Sunday.

Weekly Sunday Get-Togethers

For the past few weeks, we have been meeting at our 300 W Hillside location to get the space completely organized. If you’d like to come out we will be meeting every Sunday from 3-6. There will be refreshments and food.

Member Board Meeting

Just another quick reminder that on March 11, 2018 at 5 pm, our board will have their annual membership meeting. We strongly urge our members to attend the meeting in order to have a say in our decision making as your vote counts!

Meet Marc

Marc Tschida started working with Artisan Alley in November of 2015 where he developed Press Puzzles and had a studio at our South Rogers location. He will be joining the Artisan Alley team as our financial and non-profit assistant. His responsibilities include bookeeping, financial guidance, non profit management, and retail store development. We’re very excited to have him on board!

March Gallery Show


This month’s Gallery Show is  “Blast of Color” featuring Artisan Alley members! The First Friday gallery show is on Friday March 2nd at 5 pm. Our members participating in the gallery are Ruth Liu, Mark Parmenter, Ashley Salazar, and Mark Beebe. Make sure to fill out this application if you’re interested in having work in our Dimensions Gallery in the future!

New Partnership with Sober Joe Coffee

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Sober Joe Coffee. With Sober Joe, you can drink great coffee and help a great cause. All of their profits go to non profit organizations on the front line battling addiction in Bloomington, IN. Sober Joe coffee is free for members of Artisan Alley and $2.00 for non-members.

Put Your Artwork At Made!

Selling art can be difficult. Whether you can’t find a place in a central location with good foot traffic or the comission rates are more than you want to pay, it’s hard to find a good place to put your creations. Fortunately, there’s Made! Made is a consignment shop on 2nd Street that offers 100% commision to their artists. If you’re interested in putting your work up at our shop, stop by today and pick up more information about mem


Slime Time and Creative Kids

We’d like to thank everyone who came out for our Slime Time Creative Kids event on Sunday, Feb. 25th. We had over 20 kids and hope it will grow from here. 
In the future, all of our Fourth Sunday classes will be dedicated to Creative Kids events! If you or anyone you know are interested in teaching a Creative Kids class, contact us at

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February 2018

Artisan Alley Newsletter

In this month’s issue, we’ll be discussing our Annual Member Meeting, our 501(c)3 Nonprofit status, our newly remodelled Flexible Venue, the future of the Burl & Ingot Tool Library location, and much more.

The New Flexible Venue

We are proud to announce that we have remodeled and relocated our Dimensions Gallery into a 600 sq. foot space at our 2nd Street location. This space will have new features including a PA system, professional gallery lighting, a hanging system for displaying art, event lighting, a projector, a karaoke system and so much more. We look forward to the community and members using this space for classes, meetings, private events, and Artisan Alley’s own weekly events.

Upcoming Plans for Burl & Ingot

Burl & Ingot was officially moved from our South Rogers location sucessfully into our temporary location at 300 W Hillside. We are looking at relocating the Tool Library to a space on South Walnut Street, just across from the Starbucks and the McDonald, just behind the Big Red Liquor Store at the old Stone Mill. Once we move in to our location on 1840 S. Walnut Street, we will be there for 5 years and we will be offering commercial and industrial resident memberships. If you are looking for a new southern studio or know someone who is, please email us at

Recurring Sunday Community Market on B-Line to start on March 18th. Sign up now!

For anyone interested in learning more about the event, or being included in this event, follow this link to fill out an application:

Calling all Artisan Alley Members!!!

On March 11, 2018 at 5 pm, our board will have their annual membership meeting. In this meeting, we will be discussing many issues including the switchover of our board of directors, all of Artisan Alley’s new membership perks, the addition of a mechanics garage at the Burl & Ingot Tool Library, bylaw changes, and an in depth discussion of these Newsletter topics. If you come to the meeting, you will get the chance to speak your mind about our programs, events or bring to light any concerns or ideas you may have. We strongly urge our members to attend the meeting in order to have a say in our decision making as your vote counts!

Meet Abbey

Abbey Frederick, modeling her wedding dress from this past fall,  is the new administrative assistant to our executive director, Adam Nahas. She will be assisting with everything including emails, scheduling, social media, and much more. She has been a member of Artisan Alley since February of 2017 as a ceramicist and has a studio at our hillside location. She is very excited about this opportunity to work with our Non-Profit and she looks forward to helping our members stay in-the-know to all the events that Artisan Alley has to offer.

Attention Artists!

Are you or someone you know interested in having art for display in our Dimensions Gallery for our monthly events?  If so, follow this link to fill out the application:
*If you would like to be considered for the March gallery show, the deadline for the form is February 24, 2018

Are you currently selling at Made?

If you’re currently selling your artwork at Made, we want to put your art on our website! We prefer high resolution images so that we can scale them down to the size we want. Send pictures of your work to or bring in digital files of your work. We would like to have these images by Feb. 26, 2018.


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Upland Brewery and Dimensions Gallery partner up!


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Recently Gabe Coleman, co-owner of the Venue, helped put our gallery in touch with Upland as they were in need of new art at their 11th street restaurant location. Upland has a rich history of supporting Artisan Alley and other local businesses, so we were delighted to partner with such an influential Bloomington organization.

Dimensions Gallery has been offered the opportunity to rotate this new auxillary gallery every quarter so that the atmosphere is allways changing. We are offering this display opportunity to our members exclusively and are currently taking applications for this and future shows. Please check out our Gallery Rental page to complete your gallery proposal if you have an interest.

If interested in becoming a member, in order to display your work in our MADE retail store, or our varying Dimensions Gallery locations, please fill out the Member Application below or reach out for more information on our contact page.

In order for your works to be considered for a gallery show, you will need to pay the processing fee of $15, located at the top of the website.

Artist Spotlight: Kate Cole – Contemporary Abstract Expressionism

Sight of Sound - 24" x 36" - Acrylic on Canvas - Kate Cole

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Who are you and what do you do @ Artisan Alley?

My name is Kate Cole and I’m a Contemporary Abstract artist.  I call my work, emotion on canvas. Currently, I’m a board member of Artisan Alley and volunteer coordinator for events.

How Did You Get Started with being a Contemporary Abstract Artist?

When I was 15, my mother took me to Target and said “Have at it”. I muraled my entire bedroom. I freestyle painted a geometric design all over my wall. The day that Ryan White died, I dedicated an entire wall. I have another wall dedicated to the Cure, to the Smiths (Louder than bomb’s voices). I have a burning desire inside of me to paint. When the world is crashing around me, I have an insatiable desire to paint.

Why Do You Love Being A Artist?

Art is my voice. My emotion is volcanic and it has to get out. If I can’t express an idea with words, it seems the only thing I can do to make myself feel right is to paint.

I love my job because I get to do what I love and celebrate art through a variety of channels.

How were you drawn to your art form(s)?

My first reality check with abstract work was when I was a freshman in high school. I gave an informative speech on painting using different brush strokes without using a brush. I demonstrated using sponges, foam brushes, bubble wrap, business cards, and anything else I could find laying around that wasn’t a paint brush. The only thing that I use a brush for is throwing paint! People really enjoyed my paintings as a whole and seeing the process that I go through. This speech lead to several other performances and I really enjoy sharing and performing art for other people.

What other artists inspire you or have motivated you to be a creator?

I didn’t read THE BOOK. Some people go to art school so you can learn how to break rules. I make my own canvases and I have been trained by other artists. I learn the best by being “hands-on” and have learned by doing. I’ve been fortunate to be a part of art collabs in my life and have had some very good training from other artists.

Why did you get involved with Artisan Alley?

I believe in what Adam and Artisan Alley stand for. I want to see artists thrive, get their name out there, and do well. When you are an artist you owe it to society to get your art out there. When I get involved in something I want to find the best group to be involved with and this organization is the best!

How can others get involved and help further the cause?

Show up! In life, it’s those that show up and contribute. Everyone is good at something, so contribute!

Contact Information

Visit my Facebook Page at and you can email me at

About the Artist Spotlight Series:
The Artist Spotlight Series is a series of articles that highlight the outstanding artisans that are resident members of Artisan Alley.

Artist Spotlight: Justin Cox – Tattoo Artist

Cox Art Studios - Custom Tattoo Artist in Bloomington, Indiana.

Who are you and what do you do @ Artisan Alley?

My name is Justin Cox and I’m a Tattoo Artist & Board President of Artisan Alley.

How Did You Get Started with being a Tattoo Artist?

I participated in a work study program through my high school in 2002 at Cain’s Grafik Dragon, a local tattoo shop in Ellettsville, Indiana. I received some valuable experience by doing the extra work that other artists did not want to perform. I stepped up to show my dedication and helped pick up cigarette butts using hemastats, mopped floors, polished chrome on my boss’s Harley, learned sterilization techniques, and a bunch of grunt work. Apprenticeships through tattooing is necessary to training and to learn patience and dedication. It’s a difficult apprenticeship and they really test you. I did all of the gross work including cleaning up puke and scrubbing toilets. After high school, I worked for various tattoo shops and then landed at Artisan Alley in early 2017.

Why Do You Love Being A Tattoo Artist?

I love the lasting and permanence of artwork on the human body. The artwork is seen and it’s not just hung up in a gallery. It may be seen my hundreds or thousands of people who may not even be seeking out artwork. For many forms of traditional artwork, you have to visit a museum, an actual gallery, etc… and not a lot of people take that opportunity. With tattoo art, you can go to a gas station, the mall, etc.. and see meaningful artwork just walking around. Tattooing has a huge history longer than most people realize and it’s one of the oldest forms of artwork. I love to be a part of this ancient tradition.

How were you drawn to your art form(s)?

It seems that art is dying in today’s world. I stencil, paint, sketch, make signs, pastels, etc… It’s not just tattooing and this other work transfers over to my tattooing. I always try to approach things in a creative way. One thing that separates artists from others is that we are problem solvers. Whether it’s building a shelf or drawing a picture we are going to find a way to make it work.

What other artists inspire you or have motivated you to be a creator?

Seeing my parent’s friends that were covered in tattoos and my grandfather’s old naval tattoos piqued my interest. Seeing my high school friends pay to get tattoos definitely influenced my decision to try this out. My entire family is a creative group of artists that provided me the support and told me that I could be whatever I wanted to be… and they were right!

Why did you get involved with Artisan Alley?

Affordable rent for a studio work space was a good first step. I knew when I met Adam and some of the other artists that I was going to join Artisan Alley. I viewed this as a great space for artists to plan the future of art and to reach out to the community to help save local art. My goal is continued growth for Artisan Alley and Cox Art Studios. I am looking to draw in more of a variety of artists. Sometimes people don’t view their work as “art” but I want to help Artisan Alley provide the space and opportunity for others to promote their craft.

How can others get involved and help further the cause?

Come and get tattooed, volunteer for Artisan Alley, or just come and visit and take a look at the place.

Contact Information

Cox Art Studios
Justin Cox
phone: 812-318-8643
fb: coxartbtown
instagram: justincoxtatt

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