Marble Making Workshop

Want to design your own marbles? Glassblower Eric Brock is here to help! Artisan Alley’s resident artist will guide you one-on-one through the entire flame-working process, and you’ll leave with two of your own beautiful marbles. Classes start on October 1 from 6-9pm and run every Tuesday and Wednesday. Tickets are $150 per class and spots are limited to one person per session, so CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.

Fall Industrial Arts Workshops


Artisan Alley will be hosting adult Fall Industrial Workshops in October and November. These classes take place various times on weekdays and weekends depending on the class (see below). 

Each session, students will participate in a variety of art activities including glass marble making, wood burning, mold making and more! Our staff is made up of art educators and professionals from the Bloomington community. An instructor and assistant will lead each session, where the instructor to student ratio will not exceed 1 to 8 to ensure that each student receives individual attention.

Session 1– Glass Marble Workshop
Single Class • Tuesdays and Wednesdays in October • 6-9pm • $150.00

Session 2– Hand Sculpture Workshop
2 Weeks • Friday and Saturday • October 18-October 26 • 6-9pm on Friday, 1-4pm on Saturday • $150.00

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Summer Camp for Kids

Artisan Alley is proud to announce that we are hosting our second annual Youth Arts Summer Camp all summer for kids aged 6-14!

The camp will run weekdays from 8:00am-3:00pm from June 1 to July 24. Each week-long session will feature a different professional artist and a program centered around their art form. for only $200 a session, and a ticket for the whole summer makes the the first week FREE. From comic books to painting to making movies outdoors, kids will have a blast having out in a collaborative, creative environment.

Choose your favorite classes or join us for the whole summer and explore your artistic side today.

Stay tuned for a detailed list of classes and e-mail if you have any questions.

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Summer Camps: Glass Painting

Glass Painting- Ruth Lui

This is our third and final Summer Camp class series for kids aged 9-16 years! This class will take place in our Made Classroom space from July 15 – July 26th, Monday through Friday from 1 pm – 4 pm. The Made-Classroom is located at 222 W 2nd St.

Glass Painting Course:
Explore your artistic side by using glass paint to paint on a bottle or glass. I’ll give examples and describe my process, and allow students to create sketches and complete the works. Over the two weeks, turn an ordinary glass bottle into a beautiful artistic piece for your bedroom or house!

My name is Ruth Y. Liu. I’m one of the local artists in Bloomington IN. I love painting, and I am also a teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience. After I came to the United States, I became a professional painter. I have my own painting courses and have trained a lot of talented students, with my focus being children’s painting, watercolor painting and glass painting.

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Summer Camps: Lifecasting and Body Duplication

Life Casting Ticket Pic - Adam Nahas

This is our third and final Summer Camp session for children aged 9-16 years! These classes will take place at our Burl & Ingot Workshops, located at 1305.5 W 11th St. The classes take place from July 15 – July 26th Monday through Friday from 1 pm – 4 pm.

This class will go over the process of 3-dimensional copying, more commonly known as moldmaking. There are many ways to make a mold, but we will focus on life casting, or duplicating parts of the hands, face or body. Students will get the option to make a plaster duplicate, and we will be using skin safe algeanate.

Adam Nahas, Sole Proprietor of Cyclops Studios, and Founder/Executive Director of Artisan Alley, has been involved in the arts since childhood. An avid sketch artist and comic illustrator throughout his high-school years, he was voted “Most Artistic” in a large graduating class. Nahas continued his interest in art through college starting with music, then performance art, and finally settling with sculpture. In 2007 he graduated from Indiana University where he majored in Studio Art with concentrations in Metals and Sculpture, and he minored in Art History and Mathematics. He went on to work with foundryman and artist Mark Parmenter, who exposed Nahas to multiple international artists and art projects of all kinds, globally, for 8 years. In 2009 Nahas set up his own studio in Bloomington, Indiana, called Cyclops Studios. Nahas’ creations represent a vast and unique repertoire of his personal interests. Not limiting himself, he pursues a variety of subject matter, mediums, and art forms. His knowledge of anatomy and his attention to detail have allowed him to create a range of structures.

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Summer Camp: Marionettes and Filmmaking

Marionettes & Filmmaking - Jessie Grubb

This is our second Summer Camp session for kids aged 13-16 years. These classes will take place June 24 – July 5th Monday through Friday from 1 pm – 4 pm. This class will take place in our Made classroom space located at 222 W 2nd St.

Marionettes and Filmmaking combines storytelling with sculpture. We will be crafting one-of-a-kind marionettes and using them in a collaborative short film. As a class, we will brainstorm the possibilities for our film and each student will create a unique character out of Sculpey to star in the production. This workshop covers the basics of costuming, set design, scriptwriting, character building and marionette construction. All materials and tools will be provided.

My name is Jessie Grubb! I’m was born in Bloomington and have been making art since a young age. While my primary mode of creation is filmmaking, I consider myself a multimedia artist because I’m constantly searching for new ways for mediums to interact. My art has a heavy emphasis on experimentation and my class, Marionettes and Filmmaking, will reflect that. It’s perfect for anyone looking to try something new!

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Summer Camps: Making Comics

Making Comics - Matthew New

This is our second set of classes for kids aged 9-12 years for our Summer Camp Series! This class takes place from June 24 – July 5th Monday through Friday from 1 pm-4 pm at our Twisted Lounge and Co-Work space. Twisted Lounge and Co-Work space is located at 804 W Kirkwood Ave.

Do you read comics and have always wondered how to make your own? Do you already make your own comics and want to get better? Then this is the class for you! Get ready to draw! A LOT! Bring your ideas and characters to life and explore making your first comic with a renowned independent cartoonist.

Matthew New has been drawings comics since he was six years old. He is the writer and artist behind several kids comics series and a 2014 graduate of the Center for Cartoon Studies. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University with an emphasis on writing and art education in 2012. Since graduating, he has done extensive freelance work, been a cartooning assistant for Nicole Georges, and been published by Emi Foster and Twins for a Day.

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Summer Camps: Learning World Culture Through Music

World Music - Adam Riviera

This is our first Summer Camp session for 9-12 years happening at Artisan Alley! This class will take place June 3-14th Monday through Friday from 1 pm – 4 pm in our Dimensions Gallery.

Learn about cultures from around the world by playing instruments from different countries!  Enjoy traveling the world in one space by learning to play instruments from the Middle East, West & North Africa, Latin America, and Asia! Enjoy the opportunity to celebrate community and culture through music and share your experience with family and friends at the end of the camp with a performance!

Adam Riviere has studied over 30 world instruments in the past 30 years, and during that time has traveled around the US, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East as a performer and music educator.  The music and sound Adam creates is an influence of all those instruments and cultures, and his performances and musical creations reflect why music was created: celebrating community.

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Summer Camps: Landscape Mural Class

Landscape Mural Class - Adam Long

The first class for our 13-16 years in our Summer Camp series is a landscape mural class taught by Bloomington painter Adam Long. This class will take place on June 3-14 Monday through Friday outside of our 222 W 2nd St. location. The class is from 1 pm-4 pm.

We will be painting an impressionistic mural across a very long wall with beautiful detail.  Everyone in the class will have ample time to practice skills and get advice and direction to gain knowledge of the best styles to use on a large scale painting.

Raised in Bloomington, IN, Adam Long is the artist and creator behind Adam on Point. Adam studied Elementary Education at Franklin College  and then returned to Bloomington to join his family in the furniture business. Adam has published a children’s book “What If You See What I See” and began his artwork career full time in 2017.  

“I had a personal drive to make my passion come to life through art, using art to express creative  thoughts and emotions. It is my desire to inspire others, specifically youth, to find their own creative vision.” –Adam Long.  

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