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Adam McAndrews

Medium: Wax Painting, Photography, etc.
Adam “Mickey” McAndrews was featured in our “Blast of Color” gallery show in March. He is a talented artist and instructor, having taught multiple wax painting classes in our Flex Space, but wax painting is not his only forté. He is also a skilled photographer, illustrator, and performer-dabbling in the captivating art of fire poi.
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Adam Nahas

Medium: Foundryman, Metalcasting, etc.
Adam Nahas is the Executive Director of Artisan Alley and a jack of all trades. After he graduated college, he and his friends realized they no longer had a place to easily create art and have tools available. They started Trained Eye Art Studio and from that, Artisan Alley was born. He has experience in mediums such as welding, metalworking, sculpting, comic art, portraits, moldmaking, graphic design, and more!
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Amie Crites

Medium: Health & Wellness Products, Life Coaching, etc.
Amie owns and operates Speak2YourSoul, a Health & Wellness product company focused on helping you unlock your greatest potential. In addition, she is also a skilled artist and performer. Her mediums include jewelry, clay, and paintings. Another way she chooses to express herself is through the performance art of hooping. She teaches Hemp & Your Health informational classes on every First Sunday of the month.
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Ashley Salazar

Medium: Illustrations, Paintings, etc.
Ashley is the owner of AMA and is an artist of many mediums. Ashley loves to work with graphic design, but that isn’t her only passion. She also does illustrations, paintings, portraiture, and comic art.
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Caramee Bryan

Medium: Jewelry, Painting, Textiles, etc.
Caramee has several artistic passions. She’s had paintings in our “Blast of Color” gallery show in March, as well as a few pieces currently hanging at Upland Brewery’s 11th St. location. Although she is a talented painter, her other mediums include sculpture, textiles, jewelry, and creating beautiful decorations.
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Deborah Deckard

Medium: Welding, Textiles, etc.
Deborah is the owner of “Mimi’s Mish Mosh,” her work is currently being sold at 222 W 2nd St. She has a wide range of products including scarves, hats, felted soaps, and more! Although Deborah makes wonderful textiles and clothing items, she also has a passion for welding and metalcrafts.
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Dorothy Lenard

Medium: Jewelry, Beadwork, etc.
You may recognize Dorothy from our April Artist Spotlight! She is the owner of “For the Kids Creations” and her story is truly heartwarming. Dorothy is a life coach and also has a passion for jewelry. Dorothy works with beads and stones to create beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and more. For every item sold, she makes another to send to children in orphanages in the Ukraine. You can see a gallery of her pieces in our April Artist Spotlight post.
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Eliza Thompson

Medium: Jewelry, Paintings, etc.
Eliza is the owner of Enlighten Elements. She sells a wide variety of products such as pendants, earrings, stones, and candles! All of those things and more are sold at our W 2nd street location.
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Eric Brock

Medium: Borosilicate Glass, Ornaments, etc.
Eric owns “Brock’s Glass” and has been a member of Artisan Alley since December of 2017. He blows glass to make marbles, ornaments, and figures. He also sells guitar parts and is considering opening a booth for our weekly Sunday Community Market, so keep your eyes open for that!
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Jerrold J Willis

Medium: Hair
Jerrold is the manager at JW & Company Barbershop at the 2nd Street Artisan Alley location.
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Karen Owens

Medium: Painting, Jewelry, etc.
Karen is a member who is extremely involved here at Artisan Alley! She sells paintings and jewelry at our retail store under her business “Karen’s Knock Out Designs”, teaches successful Acrylic Pouring workshops, and helped to outline our Community Mural which faces the B-Line trail! Her wire wrapped jewelry and acrylic poured paintings are very unique.
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Kate Lasser

Medium: Large Scale Sculpture, Ceramics, etc.
Although Kate is no longer a Bloomington resident, she still makes her presence known with her incredible large sculptures. Her white cat sculpture– which was recently sold– was the landmark of our 2nd street retail store location. Although Kate is a talented sculptor, she is also gifted in mediums such as ceramics, printmaking, photography, and silk screenings.
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Marc Tschida

Medium: Woodworker, Puzzle Maker, etc.
Marc is the owner of “Press Puzzles”, Indiana themed jigsaw puzzles! His puzzles were featured in our “Blast of Color” gallery show in March. In addition to his puzzles, Marc’s mediums include laser engraving, CNC Operation, and T-Shirt design.
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Mark Parmenter

Medium: Foundryman, Photography, etc.
Mark is an artist who works with a multitude of different mediums including metalcasting, fabrication, welding, 3-D modeling, and woodworking. He was also featured in our “Blast of Color” gallery show in March.
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Mark Riggins

Medium: Pen & Ink Drawing
Mark is an illustrator and uses pen and ink to draw detailed landscapes and architecture using methods such as cross-hatching. Mark works mainly in black and white but also has skills in printmaking. His work, along with other members’, will most likely be featured in our upcoming June gallery show.
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Melissa Laster

Medium: Woodworking, Decoration, etc.
Melissa is the owner of “Indie Sunshine”, a business that sells wood signs and decorations to liven up your house or office. She frequently sells at the Community Market that we host next to the B-Line trail at our 2nd street location.
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Mike Colongione

Medium: Abstract Paintings, Fabric, etc.
For more than 25 years Mike Gione has been sculpting and painting in abstract using acrylic paint with glass, paper, wood, sand, clay, plaster and similar mediums. He is teaching an Intro to Abstract Painting class in our Flex Space on May 3rd.
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Rachel Whitcomb

Medium: Candle Making
Rachel has been selling her candles in our retail store since 2017. She is the owner of “Rosmarino Candles,” a line of unique and truly lovely scents. She is a resident artist with Artisan Alley, meaning she makes her amazing candles in a studio space in one of our buildings!
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Raetta Parker

Medium: Ceramics, Painting, etc.
Raetta has a wide variety of skills including ceramics, painting, and illustrating. Her ceramics have charm and give you a sense of feeling at home. To check out her mugs, bowls, and teapots, head over to our retail store today!
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Sara Goodwin

Medium: Mixed Media, Jewelry, etc.
Sara is the owner of “With a Grain of Salt,” a company that sells wire wrapped jewelry and pendants. She has taught a Shrinky-Dink pendant workshop where she taught people how to make miniature pendants. In our store, she sells whimsical wire wrapped keys and pendants.
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Tom Simon

Medium: Illustrator, 3D Modeling, etc.
Tom is an artist with many talents. His artistic mediums include illustration, graphic design, cosplay, prints, 3D modeling, and photography.
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Ruth Liu

Medium: Illustration, Watercolor, etc.
Ruth is another of our members who was featured in our “Blast of Color” March gallery show. She is a very skilled artist who is talented in many things. Her passions include pen and ink, illustration, watercolor, crochet, knitting, photography, and graphic design. She and her husband traveled to the US from China and use their culture to influence their art.
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Debra Pekin

Medium: Textiles, Fabrics, etc.
Debra is a new member to our team. She is the owner of “DJ Handmade,” a business that sells handmade items such as purses, handbags, totes, key fabs, etc. Her items are high quality and beautifully made!
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Tom Ferguson

Medium: Writing, Poetry
Tom is one of our newest members here at Artisan Alley! He is a talented poet and writer who has been writing for over 40 years. He will be teaching an Intro to Poetry class at our Flex Space in May.
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