Art Classes and Workshops

Students – Are you curious about a class?

  • Are you interested in learning tool use?
  • Would you like to work a forge or make a stained glass window?
  • Maybe you’d like to know about building a wooden desk.
  • Would you be interest in casting a replica of your hand in metal alloys?

We’ll be providing art classes and workshops taught by experienced and talented creators at Artisan Alley. These are some of the best artisans and craftspeople from all over the Midwest!

The cost of a class will vary based on: class type, length and material fees including the instructors’ compensation.

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Do you want to teach an art class or workshop?

If you’d like to get involved:

  1. Please submit a short 1 minute Class Proposal form
  2. If you have any forms or more information email include:
    your resume/CV
    class type & description
    Preferred Days & times
    Preferred form of payment (cash, check or credit)
    Materials & Equipment Bringing
    Materials & Equipment Needed from Artisan Alley

For more information please visit our contact us page.