Share your time and skills, meet new friends, and become part of a unique experience at Artisan Alley.  Below you will find a sampling of volunteer opportunities that Artisan Alley has to offer.

All volunteers receive on-site training and orientation. Some positions require and receive additional formal training. Join our Artisan Alley Facebook group to stay in-the-know about volunteering opportunities and news.


Volunteers at Artisan Alley have access to their own schedules and can sign-up for open opportunities, report additional hours as needed, and receive news and messages from the volunteer coordinator. The Volunteer coordinator is the one person you can go to see all the new volunteer opportunities that are available at the Museum without leaving your home.




  1. Complete the Volunteer Application.
  2. Once we have received and accepted your application, our Volunteer Services staff will contact you by email with individual or group interview dates.
  3. Once you have completed an individual or group interview and have been selected to join the Artisan Alley Volunteer Team, Volunteer Services staff will give you the dates of upcoming Orientation Sessions. All volunteers may receive a copy of the Volunteer handbook, a badge, a pair of safety glasses, a volunteer shirt, and a tour of the facilities, and will return the items at the end of their day, unless a member. If you are interested in working as a departmental volunteer, that position may require additional training post-orientation.

Prospective volunteers must be 18 years of age.

 Contact Us at Artisan Alley for more information about Volunteer Services via our online form or by phone at 812-370-0278 (ART)


Opportunities for volunteering at the Artisan Alley are incredibly diverse, which means that you can find the perfect spot for your talents and interests. Check out a few of the positions below, which provide an overview of how our volunteers help out at the Artisan Alley.

Volunteer Ambassadors serve as roving informational guides and offer a friendly and enthusiastic greeting to visitors. They provide information, give directions, answer general questions about artists, etc.

Special Events and Programs
Work with the Artisan Alley staff during events, such as exhibition openings, Community Market, Gallery Events and Musical Shows as well as off-site events and festivals.

Dimensions Gallery
The cozy 600 sqft is a great venue for intimate must-see events such as local group and solo shows. These volunteers provide a warm welcome to visitors, give directions, answer questions about the grounds, etc.

Development / Membership
The Artisan Alley is seeking proactive, engaging, and energetic volunteers to work with Artisan Alley Development staff to promote Membership. Opportunities range from a regularly scheduled position during after school hours (evenings and weekends available) to Artisan Alley events such as The Bloomington Community Market.

Activity Space Volunteers
The Activity Space was created to give visitors an opportunity to create their own works of art and do activities that will enhance their experiences in the galleries. Activity Space Volunteers are responsible for maintaining the space, ensuring that art supplies are well stocked and available for public use..

For more information please contact us through our email form.