The Artisan Alley, Burl & Ingot Workshop and Tool Library, Gallery Dimentions and affiliates are managed by its corporate owner Cyclops Studios LLC

Cyclops Studios LLC is focused on making the Bloomington artistic community stronger.
We strive to:

  • Provide affordable and versatile studio spaces for businesses, entrepreneurs or artist from the hobbyist to the professional
  • Showcase local artists and makers as well as their work at our various events such as our quarterly Community Market, gallery showcases and other exhibitions
  • Educate the community on fine arts techniques thru tool training and private workshops and lectured demonstrations
  • Promote our affiliate artists and creating a network of craftsmen and makers that offer a variety of commission-able services
  • Create a platform and a haven for artists to thrive in by creating Bloomington’s largest diverse
  • Offer mold-making, custom fabrication, restoration and a variety of artistic services while.