Artisan Alley Is…

Artisan Alley is an Indiana based art co-op that provides a wide variety of studios, memberships, classes, volunteer opportunities, and resources to help community members that are interested in the arts.


If you are in need of a studio or creative space to work out of, we offer a number of different spaces. With over 20,000 interior SQFT available for rentals and collaborations, we have a space that is right for you. Our Co-op is comprised of over 50 artists, over 25 businesses, and a large community of dedicated volunteers. For more information about our spaces, you can click here.


If you want regular access to our resources, equipment and our community of local artists but don’t need a full time studio; then a membership will likely be your best selection. As a member you can utilize our Classrooms, Co-work environment, Tool Library, Web Directory, Art Markets, and much more for a small monthly contribution. For more information about our membership, you can email


Artisan Alley provides art classes and workshops that introduce the community to a variety of skills and mediums in a friendly and accepting environment. Whether you are looking for kids or adult classes, easy to master level workshops, Artisan Alley has a class for you.  For more information on our classes, click here.

Volunteer Opportunities

Connect with our growing community of artists and artisans by networking with skilled craftspeople and engaging with our active makerspace environment, through volunteering. You can help our organization in a number of ways while getting real world experience and training in various professional fields. For more information about volunteer opportunities, please email






For more information please contact us.