Welcome to Artisan Alley

We are a 501(c)3 Non Profit and our mission is to bring together area artists and the local community to foster art education, art collaboration, and cooperation in support of the arts.

Join our community and enjoy all the benefits

Spanning multiple locations in Bloomington Indiana, Artisan Alley is an art co-op that provides a wide range of
  • work studios,
  • co-work spaces,
  • classes,
  • equipment,
  • tools,
  • essential amenities, 
  • and volunteer opportunities for community members interested in the arts.

Different Locations to Fit All Your Needs

To serve as many people as possible, Artisan Alley has 4 resource spaces, each playing a unique role in our artistic community.

1. Burl & Ingot Workshop and Tool Library- 1305.5 W. 11th Street


This is our Industrially-Zoned workshop space, filled to the brim with all the equipment you need to work on wood, metal, leather, ceramic, stone, and more. Our focus here is to offer our tool library and training, so you can build in a safe and organized workshop.

2. Dimension’s Gallery- 222 W. 2nd Street


This is our Gallery, and Exhibition Venue and it is set up as a finished space for rotating gallery shows, private vents, dance rehearsals, movement classes, musical events, and more. Our focus here is entertainment and furnished with tables, chairs, a projector, a bar, and party lights, we will help your event be a success.

3. MADE  Classroom & CoWork space – 222 W. 2nd Street


This is our community classroom and gathering space. It is set up for crafting, creating, and developing your project. Our focus here is to educate and collaborate with our community while providing essential materials for constructing a project.

4. Twisted  – CoWork and Art Lounge- 804 W. Kirkwood


This is our Cowork environment an perfect for small groups to brainstorm and conference in a casual and comfortable lounge atmosphere. Our focus here is to help problem solve amongst our members.

For more information, please contact us, and to learn more about our resources, partners, and social media outlets via LinkTree, click here.