Temporary Day Passes


Signing up is easy and is a great way to get oriented to everything we have to offer. Everyone must get checked in and sign the Liability Waiver, and then we’ll be happy to show you around!

If you want to get started, there is a $15 one-time signup fee. After you complete your registration you will be gifted a free Day Pass with 10 minutes towards green level tool certifications and you’ll also get your very own pair of safety glasses! Safety glasses are also an indicator of your level of proficiency on a majority of the tools. Minors ages 14 to 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. After you have had a chance to feel everything out the next step is to fill out a Temporary Pass Application Contract  and review the Shop Rules.

No commitment is required. Get in, get it done and get on with your life. You’ll have use of all shared areas, tables and tools that you have been certified to use, and you’ll be welcome to bring your own tools and projects to work on while you’re here!

Temporary Day Passes 1 DAY 5 DAY BUNDLE 10 DAY BUNDLE
INDIVIDUAL $20/pass $15/day ($75/pass) $10/day ($100/pass)
COUPLE (2 PEOPLE) $30/pass $25/day ($125/pass) $20/day ($200/pass)
GROUP (3-6 PEOPLE) $50/pass $40/day ($200/pass) $30/day ($300/pass)

All Day Passes and Day Pass Bundles have a $150 deposit that will be held and returned at the end of the pass or pass bundle use. Day Passes expire 6 months after purchase.


Discounts are provided to individuals who are already involved with our organization, the community and to other individuals who are interested in learning. If you are interested in getting involved but are having financial issues, feel free to apply for a sponsored apprentice membership or apply to volunteer.

Discounts RESIDENT
MINORS (14-17)
(with valid ID)
TEMPORARY PASSES 50% $10 Off First Pass $10 Off First Pass
CLASSES 20% 10% 10%

For more information please contact us through our email form.